How To Overcome Your Fear?


Everyone has to deal with fear in their life, and if you want to live out your dreams then fear is a monster that you will face at every level. I hope my story and post below will help show you how to overcome your fear.

Steven Pressfield says our fears can “point to true North meaning that calling or action it most wants to stop us from doing.”

I often think maybe the very thing I am afraid of is the thing I need to run towards. If the dream does not scare you then I question if it is big enough. Living the dream is not meant to be easy. It should be so big that it keeps you up at night. It should be so big that you can’t find anybody to tell it to because they won’t believe you (I waited a year before I told anyone my dream). It’s in the place of fear that your dream will be birthed.

Every dream that I have had so far in life has terrified me. I love what Mark Twain says “Do the thing you fear the most and the death of fear is certain!” To me this is one of the main ways to defeat fear. You silence the voice of fear when you do the thing!

Fear is your compass. Let fear be your guide. You know you are going in the right direction if you are afraid. The next time you are afraid, don’t run away from the thing, run towards the thing you are afraid of!  You may want to stop reading right there and start running!

I’ve shared before that my wife and I both felt like part of our destiny was in NYC. We didn’t know why and honestly we still don’t know the full purpose of us living here, but we love it!

For two years I believed that my family and I were going to move to NYC. It had become our dream. And for two years my wife and I talked about it, prayed about it, and dreamed about it.

When I finally got a job here we were so excited…then fear started to creep in. I heard a faint voice in my head “you know you can’t do this, you know you are going to fail.” A few months went by and I flew from our home in Charlotte, NC to NYC to find a place for us to live. After securing an apartment I got on the plane to come back to NC. I thought I would have been excited and felt relieved that we found a place to live, but the voice of fear came back in a way I would never had imagined.

Fear flooded my thinking. I began to have the craziest thoughts. “You’re an idiot”, “You can’t move to NYC”, “You’re not going to make it”, “How could you move away from everything you’ve ever known.”

In that moment I’ve never been more afraid in my life. For two years I was dreaming, and now reality set in…this thing is really happening, and you are not going to make it.

I must tell you before I go on, I’ve flown in a lot of planes and I’ve never gotten sick on a plane. I believe the fear that I was experiencing was physically making me sick. I began to have the headache from hell! I couldn’t think straight or see straight. Then I started feeling nauseous. By the time I landed in Charlotte I had a migraine and then when I got to my car I was so sick I almost threw up!

Aristotle said “fear is pain arising from the anticipation of evil.” He’s right!

When you begin to pursue your dream…if you get sick your normal. If people tell you they weren’t scared…they are lying. BUT do not let fear stop you. When you hear fear start talking don’t run from it…run towards it and do the thing you fear the most!

REMEMBER, it’s in the place of fear that your dream will be birthed.