The Voice of Fear

fearMy last post was on How To Overcome Your Fear, and as I thought about that post I kept thinking about The Voice of Fear.

Fear has a voice and it always tell you the opposite of what is true.  Fear has the inability to tell you the truth. Fear would have told Dr. King that his dream would not come true.  Fear would have told Washington we could not beat the British.  Fear would have told Thomas Edison to quit trying with the lightbulb after he failed numerous times.  A friend of mine shared with me this week that she left a good paying job with benefits to go back to school.  Fear would have told her not to do that. People told her not to do that, but her dream told her otherwise.  Fear always wants you to stay where things are secure.  Listen to the dream.

The place of security that fear wants you stay in is called familiar.  The familiar is a safe place.  When you wake up in the morning in familiar you feel safe and ok, you feel that nothing could go wrong.

The downside of the familiar is that when you wake up nothing has changed, you have not changed, you have not grown, you have robbed yourself and the people around you of experiences that you could have had.  In familiar you settle and compromise with a life that is subpar to what you could have.

When you live in the familiar your life stays just as it is.  In the familiar you have no forward movement and you become stagnant.  Fear does not want you to move it wants to lull you in a state of comfort.  Did you know that if a shark stops swimming then it will die?  Sharks do not have muscle tissue to drive water through their mouth and over their gills.  If the shark was to stop swimming then it would not be able to breathe, but through their continuous motion the water is driven through their gills and they stay alive.  There must be motion in your life, and not only motion but moving towards the dream that is in your heart.  If you are not moving then fear has talked you into staying in the familiar.

If you decide to leave the familiar then it will be one of the hardest decisions you ever make.  I believe when you leave the land of the familiar then the universe and all of it’s power will align itself against you.  As I shared in my last post when I left the land of my familiar place I had doubts, I felt crazy, and I felt sick! North Carolina was familiar.  I loved living there.  I had a good job.  My favorite Chinese restaurant in the world was within walking distance from my house.  It gave me security and I could have lived there forever and been comfortable, but it was not the dream. Something inside of me was calling me to something greater.

Just like fear has a voice, your dream has a voice.  Your dream is calling you to a place you have never been.  It can be terrifying.  You may not know what the next step looks like, but the dream and the adventure is worth it.  Listen to the voice of your dream.

  • Dan Black

    Fear has caused a lot of people not to move outside of their comfort zone which prevents them from moving toward their potential and dreams. Breaking through our fears with action is so important. Great thoughts!

  • Luke Roland

    Hey Dan I find people get too friendly with the voice of fear and allow that to be the dominant voice in their life. Movement and action is key to breakthrough! Thanks for stopping by!

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