The Cost of a Dream

The Cost of a Dream

Every dream has  a cost!  In my last post I shared that living the dream never happens without sacrifice.  Ralph Waldo Emerson said “For everything you gain, you lose something.”  This is something my family has experienced firsthand.  I have shared in a few posts that our biggest dream to date was to move to New York City. It’s a long story, and one that I will share with you at some point, but it was almost like we were meant to be here.  It felt like destiny.  As we began to chart out how we were going to make this happen we saw the level of sacrifice it was going to take to live here. Below are some of the things we had to sacrifice to make our dream real:


We went from living in a 2000 sq. ft. home that had 3 bedrooms to a 700 sq. ft., 2 bedroom apartment.  We had to get rid of so much stuff we loved.  Stuff that we had since we were kids.  My wife first saw the apartment the day that we moved in so beforehand she didn’t know where anything would go (she still thinks we brought too much).  We supplied so much to Goodwill it was unreal.  Getting rid of things was hard for me because I am the pack rat of the family.


It can cost anywhere between $300-$600 a month to park a car in Manhattan.  When I saw those numbers I knew our two cars were not coming.  This hasn’t been a big issue for us because of public transportation, but it has taken some getting used to.  I am thankful for the subway, but I do get tired of getting on a crowded subway and having someone breathe all over me.  You don’t know what being close to someone is until you’ve been on a subway!  Also, I’m not sure why people on the subway with their headphones in think that I woke up that morning to hear them sing or rap their favorite song in my face…


We walk…a lot.  The city was actually designed in blocks so people could walk.  Walking is not a bad thing and I rarely complain about it….BUT navigating the city with two kids in a stroller with a million other people can be challenging. In North Carolina you rarely picked up the stroller to go in a store.  Here when you go into a store, chances are there are steps and you will be carrying the stroller up a flight of stairs.

Getting groceries is another challenge.  We are big fans of Trader Joe’s and, getting groceries there is intense to say the least.  I usually get there when they open at 8:00am.  This place is so busy that people are already lined up outside to get in!  If I go later in the day then the line to checkout wraps around the store and you will stand for a good 15-20 minutes to checkout.  I went there one time and they wouldn’t let me in because they had so many people inside.

When we lived in North Carolina we would load the groceries in the car, but what do you do when you don’t have a car?  You can have it delivered!  This may sound luxurious, but by the time your food makes it home your frozen food is thawed!  The last time we had our food delivered a glass jar broke in the bottom of a bag and the sauce went everywhere!  Thankfully it was delivered while I was at work and Jessica had to clean it out.  All her fingers are still in tact.

There are other sacrifices that we had to make (…financial), but  to be honest there is nothing that compares to the joy of actually living the dream.  We are not all the way there yet, but as a family we are happy and thankful that we get to have these experiences..  The sacrifices that we have made don’t compare to the joy that we have.

What sacrifice will you have to make? In order to make an impact on the world you live in it will require you to sacrifice.  There is always a price to be paid for your dream to come true.  This is what separates the dreamers from the daydreamers.

What will it cost you?

Tomorrow, June 22nd, I have the privilege of guest posting at Joseph Lalonde’s blog.  Go check it out!

  • Mike Holmes

    I think its a cost we have have to pay daily. It’s really simple when you think about: pay it if you want it, don’t pay it if you don’t.

    There is nothing in this life for free.

    It’s from your from North Carolina I have friends who are from there. I’m trying to go down in a couple of weeks :)

    • Luke Roland

      You are exactly right! The sacrifices in life that we make to live our dreams is always worth it! Enjoy NC!

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