Find Your Art

Image 1I took this picture on the Lower East Side of Manhattan the other day.  I believe in life you should seek to find your art and create something.  To me this is living the dream.  Apparently this building was the blank canvas of an aspiring artist!  When I saw this I began to think…

When you look at a blank canvas what do you see? What would you put on it?

There are so many paintings, sculptures, songs, buildings, etc. out there that are hundreds of years old.  Art immortalizes people.  Artist are able to live forever because they have found their art and have created.  Wouldn’t you want something to live past you?

When you look at the canvas do you know what the end will look like?  Most of the time when I look at the canvas I don’t know what the end is going to be, but this is what excites me.  I have an idea of what it might look like, but as I create, it begins to take shape and have a life of its own.  I think this is a great metaphor to living your dream.  We have a glimpse of what the dream is, but until we start pursuing it and living it we are unsure as to what it really is.

Living the dream is about finding your art, and when you find it start creating. [tweet it!].

Art begins when you find what you love and what you are good at.  What is it that most excites you to get up in the morning?  Art begins for me at 4:30am.  Right now, I look forward to getting up and staring at a blank canvas called a Macbook.  I love knowing that someone may read what I wrote and it might inspire them to live their dream.  What is your art?

One of my biggest passions is reading.  I love books, books are like my trophies.  I’ve got them on shelves, on the floor, in boxes, there are books everywhere in our apartment.  One dream of mine is to write a book some day.  What am I going to write about?  I don’t know yet.  I would be excited to know that 50 years from now someone had a copy of my book on their shelf.

We are able to live forever by what we create and who we influence.  Your artwork may be teaching in a classroom. Guess what? You have the ability to influence and teach the next generation that will outlive you.  What if you made a mark on the next president?

What can you create?  What do you see when you look at the canvas?  For the sake of all of us do something worth remembering.  Do something that will last forever. [tweet it!].

Even if no one wants it, hang your art on your own wall, put your book on your own shelf!

An artist looks at a canvas and sees what can be, but a non-artist looks at it as just a piece of paper and walks away. You’re an artist!  Pick up the brush….build it one piece at a time.

Seth Godin says an artist does their work “out on a limb…not in the safe places, but out there, in a place where they might fail, where it might end badly…”

Go paint.