The American Revolution and George Washington

George WashingtonI love studying The American Revolution and George Washington. Every year I get excited about  July 4th…and not just for the food and the day off! I get excited to celebrate the birth of our great nation. My favorite era of history is the period of the Revolution. I love reading about George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson…these figures to me were larger than life. They were committing treason and developing a new nation.

If you are ever looking for a good read you should check out 1776 by David McCullough. Probably one of the best books you will ever read about the Revolution. It highlights the life of George Washington during the year 1776. Washington was an incredible man and leader, but there is something that I didn’t know about him that is important to remember, and that can encourage us as we are pursuing our dreams.

Before the war took place Washington had been retired from military life for fifteen years. During this time he did nothing in the military. McCullough writes “His only prior experience had been in backwoods warfare – a very different kind of warfare – and most notable in the Braddock campaign of 1775, which had been a disaster. He was by no means an experienced commander. He had never lead an army in battle, never before commanded anything larger than a regiment. And never had he directed a siege.”

This is very surprising. The man that led the Revolutionary War had never led an army. The fate of the country rested on a man who had no experience. If you study out the war it is amazing that the Americans won because of a lack of resources and good trained men. They were always on the run and Washington was constantly having to keep them motivated.

Washington went on to say “I feel great distress from a consciousness that my abilities and military experience may not be equal to the extensive and important trust. However, as the Congress desire it, I will enter upon the momentous duty, and exert every power I possess in their service and for the support of the glorious Cause.”

I love his fearlessness. I think what we gain from looking at this is Washington’s recognizing his own limitations, and not letting that stop him. From him we can learn to use the power we have to accomplish what we have dreamed to do. I think as we are pursing our dreams we should have the feeling that our experience is not equal to the size of the dream. Your dream is too small if you feel qualified for it! [tweet it!].

Personally, my whole life I have been told I had no experience for things I wanted to do. It is frustrating to be rejected by others when you know you have the ability to do it. Don’t let your lack of experience stop you from having your dream. If Washington could have no experience and lead the Revolutionary War then why can’t you pursue your dream?

What is stopping you from going after your dream?  Whatever it is set your excuses aside and pursue. Be like Washington and exert the power that you have for the cause. Happy Independence Day!

  • Nick Christian

    Several excuses on this end. I love Washington’s story and the providence that followed him.

    • Luke Roland

      When you look at his life it’s amazing how many times he referred to providence. Makes you wonder who was on his side in spit of his lack of ability!

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