Dreams and Desires Part 2

dreamingIn my last post I talked about the connection between dreams and desires, and I shared that in each one of us there lies desire. In this post I wanted to continue with that theme.

Dreams are always connected to desires. In each one of us there is something bigger than ourselves that we long for more than anything. Most of us know that it is there, but some of us have suppressed it and no longer believe it.

Dreams always begin in seed form and that seed is called desire. Desire is that feeling of wanting something more. Desires are found by asking yourself questions and looking inward. Three questions that I have identified so far that can help you identify your desires:

1. What are the things that inspire you? Music, art, movies, kids, education, etc. The inspiration in your soul can be connected to your dream.

2. What are you dissatisfied with? Your job, health, your home, etc. Dissatisfaction is a sign that you want something more out of life.

3. What are the reoccurring threads and themes in your life? The types of jobs you have had, the places you have lived, the people you associate with.

I believe that by locating your desires you will ultimately be able to find your dream. However, there are some feelings that we obviously shouldn’t trust. The key is honestly answering these questions, finding patterns, finding solutions, being creative, and seeing where you can add value to the world.

All feelings and intuitions are not wrong. There are feelings that we have that are very trustworthy. Pain is a feeling that we all experience and the feeling of pain communicates to your brain that something is wrong.

When you answer the questions above then you can discern which desires to trash and which ones to not. I desire to eat pizza everyday, but that is not going to be a healthy desire. If I were to say my desire is to change the world then that desire will be connected to the three questions. When I begin to answer these questions it will help me get a strategy for where to put my energy based on what inspires me, what I’m dissatisfied with, and the threads.

Whenever you feel in your gut something pulling you like a magnet. When your heart is beating fast and you can’t describe the feeling in words. Follow that feeling. Follow the thread. When you begin following that feeling I believe you’re going in the right direction. As you follow your desires you will begin to find the thing you were uniquely designed to do. The journey of life gets more exciting as you venture into the unknown. [tweet this]

Everything in the visible has begun in the invisible. Success is about mining the invisible world for your dream so that you can bring it to the visible. Dreams begin in the heart and they are brought into existence by desire and effort.

“Desire is the starting point of all achievement, not a hope, not a wish, but a keen pulsating desire which transcends everything.” – Napoleon Hill

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  • http://www.chashutch.com/ Charles Hutchinson

    I hope your younger readers can learn from mistakes of others. Don’t wait till you’ve been working for the man for 20 or 30 years to recognize that passion for something (desire) is actually the thing you were called to do. Look for the things that you are passionate about and pursue them.

    • http://lukeroland.com/ Luke Roland

      Right on Charles! I hope they are learning too. Fulfillment comes from finding what you are called to do and doing it.

  • pklove

    Your blog posts are always insightful and encouraging. So good! Keep it coming!

    • http://lukeroland.com/ Luke Roland

      Pangshua…much appreciated!

  • http://workingself.com/ Rebecca Fraser-Thill

    I completely agree about “that something in the gut.” I find that my 20something students and clients often have a hard time differentiating the “heart beating fast” feeling from fear or anxiety, which always fascinates me because intuition feels SO different from fear to me. Yet it’s hard to put into words how it feels different. I’m on a quest to figure out how to describe it so that they know which to follow and which to flee from…at this all I can say is, “you just know.” Not very helpful.

    Thought-provoking post!

    • http://lukeroland.com/ Luke Roland

      Thanks Rebecca for sharing your thoughts. It’s definitely hard to quantify something “you just know.” I think cultivating patience and wisdom could be a key to differentiating between “fight or flight.”

  • http://tithehacker.com/ Mike Holmes

    I am with you. And that then end of the day it’s work…hard work…that bring the seed of desire into reality.

    Great post Luke!

    • http://lukeroland.com/ Luke Roland

      My man from Queens! Thanks Mike for reading.