Stop and Smell the Roses

rosesAs I was waiting on the bus the other day I had an interesting thought. I don’t know if it was God or what, but something told me, “breathe it all in.” When you are on the road to living your dream, don’t forget to breathe it all in, and stop and smell the roses.

I think we can get so caught up in our goals that we can miss the moments. I have been so consumed with my to do list and being productive that I don’t enjoy where I am at. I love reaching my goals and exceeding them, but if you don’t take time to enjoy where you are then you are missing the excitement of the journey. [click to tweet].

On the road to living the dream take in the scenery around you, and enjoy the now moments. I think it is unfortunate that it often takes us going back to where we used to be to appreciate it. Let me explain.

A few weeks ago my grandmother passed away. She lived a full life and I miss her. To attend her funeral I drove from NYC to North Carolina.  There are things about NC that I miss and there are things that I didn’t realize I would miss. I’ve REALLY been missing sweet tea so I drank about a liter while I was there! I missed just sitting and talking with my mom, dad, and sister. There were other things I didn’t realize I missed like hearing southern accents, and riding down old familiar streets. I had so many flash backs and experienced so much nostalgia. I drank it in. Don’t worry I have NO desire to move back!

Jessica and I used to lived in the mountains of NC, and I still think about a trail I used to run on. I wish I could go run it again. When we lived in Charlotte there was a Chinese restaurant within walking distance from our house. There is no Chinese food as good as that place. Often, it can be the little things that can make a big impact on you. Breathe it in.

I’ve been guilty of losing my thankfulness because I’m so preoccupied on a goal. It’s easy lose the spirit of thankfulness when you have forgotten where you have come from. Our pride can really get in the way as we go from dream to dream because we start thinking we deserve certain things.

It’s easy to become selfish as we move forward and forget what it took for us to get there. I can’t get so caught up in living a new dream that I don’t appreciate the one I’m in. Sometimes God has to remind me while I’m waiting on the bus or the subway or as I walk past the Empire State Building…”hey dude you’re here.”

You may not be living your dream right now, but take in the scenery where you are because someday there will be things you miss. Stop and smell the roses. Breathe in where you are…even if the air is polluted!

Do This:

1. Put down your to do list.
2. Make a list of things that you love and are thankful for around you right now.
3. Take a day where you aren’t focused on priorities, goals, the future, and just have fun with those you love.

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  • Darren Mullenix

    Well said Mr. Roland. Understand the past, enjoy the now, look to the future. A three part juggling act.

    • Luke Roland

      Thanks Darren! I think you said it better than I did. Next time you run on the Greenway Trail snap a picture for me.

  • Rebecca Fraser-Thill

    I was just talking about this with my husband earlier this evening. I have a to-do list a mile long at the moment and our house is torn apart from the house projects we teachers put off until the summer (not the least of which being a kitchen remodel with no contractors – fun!). Yet tomorrow is going to be a gorgeous day in our fleeting Maine summer so we’re planning a(nother) trip to the beach. My husband said, “You’re so stressed, I can take the kiddo and you stay here and work.” To which I said, “When I think back on this summer, will I remember getting the to-do list a tad shorter, or hanging out on the beach with you two?” Easy answer. Now I just need to remind my brain to detach from the to-dos while I’m there!

    • Luke Roland

      Exactly what I’m talking about! I have to remind myself (and so does my wife) that some of the things I want to do can wait. I only have a short window with my kids and I really want to make that time a priority. We look at our apt. sometimes and see toys everywhere and we think what a mess, but no one sees it but us, and our kids are having a ball. We try to put it in perspective.

  • Dan Black

    I have to force myself to slow down and enjoy the journey. Luckily, my wife helps me do this. I regularly go to the beach to reflect and think. Slowing down allows me to process what’s going on and clarify my ideas and thoughts. Great post Luke!

    • Luke Roland

      You are lucky…who wouldn’t love to go to the beach to reflect and think. I guess I’m lucky too I get to go to Central Park and think.

      • Dan Black

        Yes I am. Ya, Central Park would be a great place.

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