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DestinationLast week I wrote a post on identity and having an understanding of who you are. Having that understanding is crucial in life, but it is also helpful to understand your destiny.  We are in a unique position as humans in that we the ability to discover our destiny.  Question:  if each person has a destiny, do you think destiny is defined by us or is it discovered? [click to tweet]

If each person has a destiny then that implies there is a destination.  A great way to sabotage your dream is to live life without a clear sense of direction.  I love the saying “If you don’t know where you are going any road will take you there.”  When I travel I like to know where I am going, and if I’m on a plane the pilot better know where he is going!  Living life without a clear sense of direction is a great way to end up frustrated and lost.  When you know where you are going you are more likely to end up at the right place, duh!  Do you know where your “place”  is?

Before the days of Google Maps and GPS I stayed lost, even in my hometown.  I am very directionally challenged, and I refused to ask for directions.  I guess I thought if I spent enough time driving around then magically the right road would appear out of nowhere (such a male trait).  What I found out was being lost is a big waste of time.  How much time did I spend driving around not knowing where I was going when I could have already been where I needed to be.  How much time have I spent lost in life because I did not understand my destiny?  You can take control of your days by understanding your destiny.  Destiny gives you clarity for direction.  Without destiny you may end up in the wrong town, doing the wrong thing, and having an unfulfilled in life.    

Success is not always about a particular place or having certain things, but as John Maxwell has said “you can’t fulfill your purpose and grow toward your potential if you don’t know what direction you should be going.”  I love that quote, but as I sit back and think about it I realize that is easier said than done.  
Henry Ford said “the whole secret of success is to find out what is one’s destiny, and then do it.” Successful people are people with destiny and have a clear sense of destination.  You cannot fulfill your destiny without destination.  Finding it out is the hard part.  
How do you think destiny can be discovered?  I think understanding identity, a marriage between passion and skills, and big dreams is a good place to start.  All of these require a lot of strategic thinking. Who are you?  What are you good at?  What do you love?  And what is your dream?  

Oliver Wendell Holmes said “the great thing in this world is not so much where we are but in what direction we are moving.”  Do you know what direction you are going?  Is it in line with your destiny, if not maybe you need to make a calculated exit and reroute.

So, is destiny defined by you or something you discover?

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  • Rebecca Fraser-Thill

    The question of whether we find or create our destiny is an excellent one. I do believe it’s a bit of both, but it starts with that understanding of identity, as you said. From working with countless college students and from my personal experiences, I think it is undeniable that we each seem to have innate “draws” to things in the world – topics, skill sets, locations, people, etc. – and that recognizing and embracing those innate elements of ourselves is the first step to working toward your destiny (wherever they may come from, a matter of great debate in and of itself!). THEN you can do some creation.

    My favorite quotation of all time is this one from Benjamin Mays: “Every man and woman is born into the world to do something unique and something distinctive and if he or she does not do it, it will never be done.” That sums up my entire philosophy, and encompasses the reason why I began my blog.

    • Luke Roland

      Rebecca that is a powerful quote. It made me think that their is a void in the world if we do not find our destiny. What would the world be if Dr. King did not pursue his dream.

      Some days I too believe it is a little of both. Destiny could be a door, but it takes us opening the door and walking through it to access what is ours.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  • Jon M

    It seems, in large part, the way we find out our destiny is in getting out in the world and doing our work. In doing this, we get inspired; we get nudged; we discover our path. It is in the act of doing our work we discover, more clearly, our destination.

    The question then may be: What work do we do? The easy answer may be: The work in front of us. At times, we don’t know what spark will ignite until we position ourselves in the places where we do the work.

    A thought-full post, Luke!

    • Luke Roland

      Jon, that’s good! I can’t think of anything to say…I’m speechless.

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