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I like to change it up periodically and share something that is off topic from my normal writing.  Also, I had a lot of fun with my last video, so I decided to do it again, and share with you some of the benefits of juicing.  Disclaimer:  Not a videographer!  

To begin I am not a fad diet person.  I’m very skeptical of the latest “new thing” in diet.  I don’t look at juicing as a diet, or as a means to lose weight (there are many people who have lost tons of weight juicing).  I see juicing as a means to stay healthy and rid my body of toxins.  There are many health benefits to juicing and I describe some of them along with sharing my experience of juice fasting.  

Juicing is hard!  The first few days are the hardest, but eventually you start to feel amazing!  I find I have a lot more energy, I’m thinking clearer, and I’m disciplining my body to go without.  As a Western culture we do not know how addicted we are to bad food.  Juicing has helped me break different food addictions, and caused me to fall in love with vegetables (I still loathe broccoli).  Below are some of the things my wife and I referenced in the video.  


Juicer – Juicers can be very expensive!  I purchased the Hamilton Beach Big Mouth Juice Extractor.  The price was right for me, it had great reviews, and after using it for about 6 months it has really held up.


Joe Cross – Joe Cross had an auto-immune disease, was on steroids, and was very overweight.  He went on a 60 day juice fast, lost a ton a of weight, and is now disease free.  Here is a link to the documentary Fat Sick & Nearly Dead, and here is a link to the juice recipe we mentioned in the video.


Enjoy the video.  If you are watching from a mobile device click here to watch.  Let me know if you have ever tried juicing and what your experience was like.  Stick around for the bloopers.





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  • Charles Hutchinson

    That was fun… I especially like the outtakes at the end. You are a blessed man.

    My pastor and his girls were juicing. It seemed to make a difference. Thanks for the link to Joe’s Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead.

    • Luke Roland

      Hey Charles thanks for watching, and I am very blessed! Check out the documentary if you get a chance.

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