What Do You See? Perception is Reality…part 2

Theodore RooseveltIn my last post I shared, “how you see things, and your perspective in life parallels to what you will experience.” In this post I want to talk specifically about the struggles we face. Our perception of the struggle determines how we are going to overcome it. I see many people letting their struggles be their master. Unfortunately, they can’t break free from their struggles because it has such a strong hold on them.

When I am able I participate in a tweet chat on Tuesday nights at 8:00pm called #leadfromwithin. I love it because there a lot of people on there sharing their various leadership experiences. The host, Lolly Daskal asks questions and everyone gets an opportunity to answer. Last week the conversation was on struggle, and one of the questions Lolly asked was, “how do we unfold our lives within our struggle?” I immediately wrote back, “don’t let the struggle define you.”

There are a lot of people dealing with hardships, and you can let them define who you are and live life as a victim or you can choose to live life on your terms. I’m personally dealing with some unique struggles in my life, and I refuse to let it dictate how I live. So my answer was not a pithy self-help saying, but something I am living with right now.

When facing a difficult situation I think it is helpful to ask “who is in charge of my life, the struggle or me?” If I am in charge then I can chose to live life on my terms. It does not mean that the pain and the struggle don’t exist, but it means that I will live life to the fullest. A determination has to made. My determination is I will not let the struggle hold me back from living the life I want. [tweet it]

This is all about perception and changing our perspective in how it relates to our struggles. Of course we see the struggle and we acknowledge the struggle, but you can chose to live life without being held back by the struggle.

I love how John Maxwell says, “Your attitude determines your altitude.” How far you go in life is partly determined by your perspective. The people that get the most out of life are the ones with a healthy perspective, in-spite of what they are going through.

Have you ever heard someone say “I’ve got a bad feeling about this?” A lot of people are anticipating the negative. We are trained that way. How about we say I have a good feeling about this? Declare the good feeling. Don’t deny reality, but find a new and better expectation.

I idolize Theodore Roosevelt, and I just got done reading a book filled with letters he wrote to his children. In one letter he wrote to his son Ted you get the feeling that his son is having a rough time in school, and Theodore says to him, “This is just an occasion to show the stuff there is in you. Do not let these newspaper creatures and kindred idiots drive you one hair’s breadth from the line you marked out…”

You have many choices today, one of them is how you are going to face your struggles and pain. Are you going to let the struggle drive you to a place you never intended to go? Are you going to let your struggle become your identity? As Roosevelt said the challenges we face in life are just an occasion to bring out the best in us! Don’t let your struggles define you. Perceive something better!

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  • http://www.reflectionsfromthealley.org/ Dave Arnold

    Well said Luke! Pain does not have to define us. It’s a part of life; that’s it. More importantly, we can see it as an opportunity to grow and learn. This is what my blog, http://www.reflectionsfromthealley.org is all about – growing in our purpose in the midst of struggle. Think we are like-minded here :)