Into The Darkness

into the darknessHave you ever tried to walk through your house in the dark? In my house we tend to have to get up and help kids in the middle of the night when sleep is avoiding them. We’ve gotten used to the route that we need to take into the darkness to get to their room, but at times trouble is lurking in the form of a toy. Sometimes my son doesn’t pick up after himself and I trip on a dinosaur or step on one of his airplanes, ouch! At times navigating through the darkness of our apartment is like trying to avoid land mines.

Working your way through life can be like walking in the dark sometimes. We hope that life can be lived where everything is planned and we can avoid tripping on dinosaurs, but unfortunately at some point the lights are going to go out.

What do you do? What do you do when the lights go out? What do you do when you don’t know the next step to take?

It helps to understand our lives are not linear. Life doesn’t always follow a set pattern. My mother sent me some pictures of myself the other day from way back when, and I realized how much I have changed. When I was 20 I thought I had the next 10 years of my life mapped out. I had every career move, relationship move, when I would have kids, where I would live…everything mapped out. Furthermore, there was no mention of pain or struggle, and the lights were always on. I wasn’t even close to how my life would end up.

What happened? As I thought about what happened I realized that at certain intervals of life the lights went out and I didn’t always know what to do. Being in the darkness is just another way of saying your stuck, confused, unsure about what to do next. I’ve learned that it is ok to be there. When you are pursuing your dreams and you can’t figure out the steps to get there, it’s ok.

I’ve learned that it is ok because some of my creative moments and greatest lessons came out of being in the dark. At the time I didn’t realize it, but looking back I’m thankful for those moments. It is in those moments where I learned to trust more.

Sometimes our lives are like caterpillars. We’re happy caterpillars until one day the lights go out, and we are wrapped up in a weird cocoon, but when we wake up and the lights come on we are changed into a beautiful new creature. Maybe the dark place we find ourselves in is a place to change who we are for the better.

Sometimes when we are in the dark the best thing to do is be still and learn the lesson. At some point you will know when you need to get up and start walking.

FYI – on Friday I will be not be blogging here.  I very excited and honored to be guest posting at Alli Polin’s site at  Check it out on Friday!

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  • Dave Arnold

    Good stuff, Luke. Love this line: “At some point you will know when you need to get up and start walking.” I often say that we often discover our purpose in the “alley” – in the challenges, the dark, the ordinary. Thanks for this reminder!

    • Luke Roland

      Hey Dave, thanks for your comments. It is amazing how we can find purpose in the ordinary. I know that has been true in my life!

      • Dave Arnold

        It’s true in my life, too. I think, really, it is the place where purpose is forged.