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Is Your Spending Wasteful?

wasteful spendingWe all have things that can be spent: money, time, resources, energy, etc. Are you spending your resources on the right things or are you wasteful spending? Time is one of the greatest commodities we have because it is something that we can never get back. This isn’t new to us, but at times as I go through my day I am not cognizant of it. I started thinking about this when I read the below quote:

“We are being persuaded to spend money we don’t have, on things we don’t need, to create impressions that won’t last, on people we don’t care about.” – Tim Jackson

What a very thought provoking statement. We are all being persuaded and sold to everyday. Marketing is everywhere. We are being persuaded that we need the newest gadget and toy. Who would be if we didn’t have the newest phone, T.V., fashion, etc.?

As I meditated on the quote I have started to really think about how I am spending. Not just money, but everything. We all have to spend, but am I, and are you spending the right things or are we wasteful spending?

Is your time going to things that matter? Is your time going to the people that matter? Harold Kushner famously said; “No one ever said on their deathbed: “I wish I’d spent more time at the office.”

Are you spending money on the things that matter? Are you using money wisely? Are you investing in your future and in the future of those you care about?

After I have evaluated where my time and resources are going I must think about how I can protect myself from the “persuasion.” I can’t quit going outside and I can’t turn off everything. What I can do is continually take inventory of what I do have.

As I take inventory I can begin to ask myself; am I full? Do I have enough? Is this something I can live without? If I resolve in my soul that I don’t need it then I can’t be talked into thinking I do need it.

For example every time a new iPhone comes out many are in line to get it. I’m not hating on them. That is their money and if that is what they want then they can get it. I have friends that stand in line on the day a new iPhone comes out and I’m happy for them. Here is the deal: do you really need it? Of course not. It is a luxury not a need.

I think we can all learn from taking a look at what we spend. How can you change your spending habits? How you can allocate your time to the things that really matter? Are you wasteful spending?

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  • Jon Stolpe

    Two trips to Guatemala over the past two years has helped to refocus my spending. Wasteful spending is a somewhat relative concept. If we all analyze our spending in detail, we are probably all guilty of wasteful spending. The challenge is definitely to be always intentional in our spending decisions. It helps to have accountability when pursing this objective. My wife is a huge help in this, but I need others in my life who keep me in check related to my spending.