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What I learned from Living in a Small Space

small spaceWe are coming up on our one year anniversary of living in NYC. One of the biggest things I have learned from living here is I don’t need a big house. Growing up I used to dream of having a big house full of stuff, but after living in a small space I realize I don’t really need it. Here is what I have learned from living in 800 square feet:

1.  Small Space = Close Family – Our family of four can’t get away from each other. There are three rooms in our apartment and there is nowhere for anyone to hide. Playing hide and seek never lasts too long in our apartment! Being in this small space has brought us and forced us to be closer as a family. I wouldn’t trade this for anything. I love not being separated by floors, levels, and rooms. The downside…there is no privacy!

2. Small Space = Less Stuff – I am a borderline hoarder. When we moved here we had to get rid of a lot of stuff, and you know what…I don’t really miss nor do I remember it! I sometimes think when I look through my apartment; “what can I get rid of?” I have learned that we live with more than we actually need, and I’m thankful that for my small space because it has caused me to keep the things that really matter.

3. Small Space = Status Change – My wife and I have discussed many times what would we move into if we moved out of NYC. Growing up the size of your house equaled identity, status, and wealth. Whether you needed the space or not people associated greatness and status by the square feet of your house. We have learned that we really don’t care what people think of us in relation to the size space we have. If we ever moved to a different city we would be comfortable living in 800 square feet (we would probably save a lot of money too!).

4. Small Space = More time – We love living here because it has given us more time on important things. When you live in a small space you don’t have to clean as much! We also don’t have to mow which is great because I hate mowing. When you don’t have to spend as much time cleaning you can spend it on other things like playing with your kids.

It isn’t always peaches living in a small space, for example we can’t tell our kids to go play in the yard. To me the pro’s outweigh the con’s and I don’t think we would go back to dreaming of something big. What about you? You may not want to live in a small space, and in fact you may want to live in a mansion, but are there things you think you can live without?

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  • Dave Arnold

    Good thoughts, Luke. We experienced a small place too, when we lived in the city of Chicago.

    • Luke Roland

      Thank you Dave. It is a life changing experience to live in a small space. We have grown to love it, and couldn’t think of another way to live!

  • Don McAllister

    We recently gave up a big house and now in about 1,000 sqft with four young children, so I can definitely relate. I’d be lying if I don’t dream of going back to something bigger, but there are plenty of benefits and learning what we can live without.

    • Luke Roland

      Thats great Don! I thought we were in close quarters with the four of us, but you got me beat with 6 in 1,000 sqft. I hope you enjoy it.

  • Rich Langton

    Love this post – we recently moved to a smaller place too, the only difference is we have quite a lot of land, which doesn’t help so much on the time saving front. But, the closeness of family and the ability to physically fit less stuff in is a huge blessing to our family life!!

    • Luke Roland

      Thank you for reading Rich! I do miss the land! It is hard not to have a back yard at times, but we make do.