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Least Likely to Succeed

least likely to succeedBeing voted the least likely to succeed has to be one of the worst backhanded compliments a person can get. Did you know that Gene Hackman, Dustin Hoffman, and Robert Duvall were all voted least likely to succeed in their field of acting? It is true, three of the best actors that have graced the big screen were all predicted to fail at acting. As it turns out the three combined for 18 Academy Award nominations with 5 wins. These three who were least likely to succeed appeared in such films as: The Godfather, The Graduate, Apocalypse Now, Tender Mercies, All The President’s Men, Rain Man, The French Connection, Hoosiers, and the list goes on.

When Dustin Hoffman was growing up his aunt actually told him he would never be an actor because he was not good looking enough. Things did not look better for the three when they entered acting school. They all grew up in California where they received their negative vote of confidence for their acting career. They were later roommates in New York City where the struggle continued as they continued to try to make their dreams come true. They all had to work odd remedial type jobs while they tried to make it. Robert Duvall worked at the post office where he sorted mail and Gene Hackman was a doorman. As fate would have it while Hackman was working the doorman job he ran into one of his old instructors from California who said; ”See, Hackman, I told you you wouldn’t amount to anything.”

What if they would have listened to their critics?

Something in them would not let them believe what their critics said. Something in them would not let their circumstances deter them from following their dreams. The rubber meets the road when your passions and dreams are challenged.  I believe the road less traveled is the road to travel down. 

Will you give up when leaders tell you no? Will you give up when no one believes in you? Or will you push through the criticism and negativity to have what you were meant to have?

I believe you are not the least likely to succeed. I think you were created uniquely with something to do and offer to the world.

The funny thing is people still tell my wife and I that we should not have followed our dream. While they wait for me to fail, we will continue to work hard and enjoy the journey we are on.


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  • Jon M

    Keep doing the work, Luke. You never know where your path will lead you and your family and you seem to be succeeding at what you intended to succeed at. Always enjoy your insights along your life path. Peace, Jon

    • Luke Roland

      Thank you Jon. Very encouraged by what you said!