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The Key to a Good Home is Love!

good homeEverything has ingredients to it.  My wife made some vegan chocolate covered peanut butter balls the other day that were out of this world.  Obviously it had key ingredients that made it taste amazing. One of the main focuses of my life as a father and a husband is to contribute to creating a good home for our family.  The thought hit me the other day that the key ingredient to a good home is love. 

A home can be dysfunctional, but if it has love as its foundation and root it will be a good home.  If a home is not established with love then the home will quickly fall.  Love is what protects a home.  Love is what establishes trust between a husband, wife, and children. 

Everything that makes a great home stems from love.  If you don’t get love right then everything else crumbles. 

We love to have fun in our home.  We play games, tell jokes, and do all sorts of crazy stuff together because we love each other.  Fun is a byproduct from love.  Fun doesn’t exist outside of love. 

We discipline in our home.  At times our home can be chaotic and dysfunctional.  We are not perfect parents and our children are not perfect, but out of our love for our children we discipline so that they will understand right from wrong.  Discipline can only occur in a loving relationship.  Discipline without love is abuse. (this does not mean because I love my children that I have the right to abuse.  discipline is different from abuse).  Love would never abuse.We argue in our home.  My wife knows me better than anyone. She can quickly tell when I’m being a jerk, and she will call me on it.  I’ve had people tell me before that they have been married for x amount of years and never had an argument. I’m not sure how that is possible.  Put two people in a room for a long period of time and at some point there will be disagreements and arguments.  We argue because we love each other and our arguing with each other is done in love.

Our love for one another is so great that when we argue and disagree I know that love is never in question.

My belief is that if you don’t get love right then intimacy, fun, discipline, disagreements etc., will never work. The Apostle Paul wrote “So, no matter what I say, what I believe, and what I do, I’m bankrupt without love.”

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  • Dan Black

    Sweet, your comment section is back up:)

    Love is crucial. I’ve learned that we have to be intentional in daily dying to our self’s and desires to serve and love the one’s we love. Love is a choice that must be made on a daily basis. Great thoughts, Luke!

    • Luke Roland

      Hey Dan, thank you for sharing. Dying to myself is something I need to do more!

      • Dan Black

        Your welcome:) me too my friend.