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Asking for Permission

asking for permissionWhen I was growing up I used to hate asking for permission.  I didn’t like asking my parents for permission to go somewhere, and I didn’t like asking my teachers for permission for a hall pass to go to the bathroom.  I realize authority is important and leadership is important, BUT as you grow I think asking for permission should happen less and less.

The goal of parenting and leadership is to take a person to a place of maturity so they can make decisions for themselves and stand on their own two feet.  However, as we age there are still ways that we relinquish control and permission to others.  I know its true because I have seen it happen in my own life.  I have seen where I have relinquished permission to another person or a negative thought.

We may not specifically ask for permission, but when someone says “you can’t”, and you believe it, then you have now given them permission.  When you esteem a voice higher than your maker’s voice, then you have now given permission to that negative voice.

If you believe you are a failure then you have given failure permission.  If you believe you will be in poverty then you have given poverty permission.  If you believe that you don’t deserve a good spouse then you have given that thought permission. 

How does this happen?  Advantage is always taken from those who are weak, and what you give permission to you relinquish control to. 

Strength arises when the ball is back in your court.  Whatever has permission in your life stops when control is wrestled away.

I now look back over my life and realize there were times that I have given permission away.  At the time I didn’t realize it, but I felt like a hostage.  One of the things that helped to cure it was getting away from the negativity and what I had given permission to.

When my wife and I moved from North Carolina to NYC we honestly felt like we could breathe for one of the first times in a long time.  Its hard to explain, but it felt like stress melted away, and we could finally rest.  I would be lying to you if I told you that this type of thinking never crept back in, but I feel better than ever, and I can never go back.  

Taking permission back involves silencing the negativity.  If you want your life to be normal then silence the negativity, and believe for the best.  You don’t need my permission…just do it.

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